We are John & Holly Louis, and we have three little loves, Hunter (8), Georgia Kate (5), and Noah (1 year)

John is a Doctor of Nursing Practice in Mental Health. He is passionate about helping people, but mostly he's just a really wonderful person. He is a talented photographer, and photographs weddings with Holly, and by himself.

Holly is a stay at home momma during the week, and gets more work done during the kid's afternoon naps than most people get done in a 40 hour work week. She is obsessed with creating and documenting memories, and takes her job photographing families & couples so seriously. She loves gardening, eating ice cream, and spending time with the family <3 

We are the louis family

Holly & I met in high school basically being super nerds ;) She was living in Augusta, Georgia, and I was born and raised in Austin, TX. We both competed in speech and debate, and eventually did an internship together after graduating high school where we went to schools around the country teaching other students. We became quick best friends, and stayed connected through college and eventually realized that we never wanted to live life without each other, and the rest is history. 

Holly started her photography business in 2008 and it was called Holly Birdsong Photography. A lot of people thought "Birdsong" was a stage name, or just something for the business, but it was her real last name! I did photography too, but spending summers in Montana with my family, I did more landscape photography than portraiture. When we got married I started working alongside her for weddings. We both loved being a part of all these love stories, and turned the business into what it is now-- Birdsong Louis Photography.  

Today we photograph 25+ weddings a year both together & individually and document families in every stage of life from newborns to 50 year anniversaries. If it's a moment you'd like to remember for forever, we'd love to be there! 




From Montana to Georgia, if he has a spare minute, you can find him on a river with his fly rod. 



Holly loves making vision boards of home renovations and has an incredible eye for making things beautiful. 



Our two cotton top little people are the lights of our life. 

hunter& Georgia Kate

We are truly a family affair. We are so thankful to be able to provide for our little ones by doing what we love so much. Thank you to all of our clients who make this dream a reality! 

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Photos by john & holly Louis


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