5 Year Anniversary | Holly & John

John and I were each other’s first love. It is such a special feeling to know that those 3 words have never been said to anyone else, and when he leans in and tells me that I’m the most beautiful girl, I believe him. Five years of being married to my best friend. On one hand I can’t believe it’s been that long…because obviously I’m still 23, right? But on the other hand, between several moves, and several babies later, and new jobs and grad school, it seems like it’s been at least a decade!

Five years ago we walked down the aisle and pledged our lives to each other in front of our favorite people. To honor God and reflect His love through our marriage. To be each other’s best friend and support in times of joy and times of trials. To raise up a family rooted in faith, and create a life where our little people always know that they are loved and cherished.

We haven’t done all of this perfectly, but by God’s grace, each year that goes by gets sweeter. Thankful for a husband who wakes up before the crack of dawn to pursue his relationship with God, and leaves me notes around the house when he has to leave early. I’m especially thankful that Hunter and Georgia Kate have such a wonderful man to look up to. A man who pursues peace. A man who doesn’t take the easy road, but always seeks honor God, even when it makes him the “weird” one. A man who is quick to apologize, and quick to forgive. A man who loves his children so well, and always makes time for them. I’ll never forget the tears that ran down his face as he caught each of our babies when they were born– pure love.

John, I am so thankful that you chose me then, and that you continue to choose me every day. So excited to see where the next 5 years take us!

 Anniversary pictures by the talented Whitney Wysong <3

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