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I just realized I never blogged one of my favorite senior photoshoots! Hope you love browsing through as much as I do! Lauren was so much fun to photograph, and as you can tell, we had a lot of fun! I need serious makeup lessons from her, because she did her own for these photos, […]

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Lauren Senior Portraits


I can’t believe I’m saying this, but one of my baby sisters is about to graduate high school! I was 9 when she was born, so she was the perfect age to be my little baby doll. She is to this day the most beautiful baby I’ve ever seen with her big eyes and lips, […]


Katherine | Senior | 2016

We met Erica Dorsey at our Crossfit gym this past year, and let me tell you, it would be hard to find a sweeter, more cheerful person. She’s truly a light wherever she goes. When she approached me to do her family’s photos this spring, I was so excited! She is full of personality and […]

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My sister is one of the most stunning, intelligent, witty, girls in town. You’d be hard pressed to find someone with such good music taste, great personality, and rockin’ style. I am reminded on a daily basis how much cooler than me she is. Everytime I find a funny video on youtube, or hear a […]


Mary Claire | SENIOR

Casey Blaney is a 2013 Senior at Davidson Fine Arts School here in Augusta, GA. We did her senior pictures a couple of weeks ago, right at the perfect part of summer. The weather was *absolutely* perfect for capturing the spirit of this sweet girl. Being a fashion connoisseur, Casey knew exactly what style she […]

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Casey: Senior 2013


This beautiful girl, Carly, is the younger sister of my dear friend Erin Marty. Erin is the owner of Stella Salon & Spa, and when she found out her baby sister was coming to visit over the summer she had the sweet idea to surprise her with a fun photoshoot. Seriously, what girl doesn’t want […]

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Last weekend I photographed the stunning Megan Blaney, a senior at Davidson Fine Arts in Augusta, GA. Megan studies ballet as part of her curriculum, so we had a great time incorporating her love of ballet into her senior photos. Her hair and makeup were done by La Dolche Vita Salon– doesn’t she look beautiful? […]

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Megan : Senior


This past Saturday I photographed a group of highschool students before they went to Prom. It was so exciting watching them all dressed up and ready for a memorable, milestone night. They each had a unique style, and as you can see, were quite a fun group. The girls were stunning, and the guys were […]


Prom 2011

There’s nothing like one of your friends younger sisters graduating from High School to make you feel old. This past weekend I had the opportunity to photograph Susan for the occasion of her upcoming graduation. I’ve known her family since I moved to Georgia almost five years ago, and it was a joy photographing her. […]

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Last night my sister Mary Claire, and her friend Blake Hammond went to his JROTC ball. They were a handsome pair. Blake was outfitted in his military dress uniform, and Mary Claire wore a sleek gold dress and glittery, gold shoes. He was the perfect gentleman, and even brought her a beautiful corsage. Here are […]




Photos by john & holly Louis


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