Georgia Kate

This is the prayer from the sign above her crib:

My heart for her…

Is that she will learn that her journey is where she will become strong. Her strength is from God, not within herself. That she stands when no one else does. That she speaks for those who cannot. That she be the light when everything else is dark. That she has eyes to see the lovely in the unlovely, for that is so often where we see God. That she lives loved, because she knows she is loved by God. That she hears his song over her each and every day, and that she is able to forgive because she knows the depth of her forgiveness.

One month ago our lives changed again as we welcomed our daughter Georgia Kate into the world.

April 4, 2017

7lbs 11oz

21.3 inches long

The morning started just like every other—with a cup of coffee in hand, toddler in my lap, and helping the hubby get out the door for work. It was Masters week, and our house was rented out, so we were staying at my parent’s house down the street. I hadn’t had any contractions or Braxton hicks, so I figured it would still be a couple days before she’d make her entrance. The day progressed as normal until 10 or so when Hunter and I were watching the news and working on puzzles, and I realized that he put a train wheel puzzle piece in his mouth and started choking. He’d never been a kid to put toys in his mouth, so I was in total shock. My big old pregnant self picked him up and threw him upside down and beat on his back until the piece came out—needless to say, it was a traumatic time. He was shaking, I was shaking, I couldn’t believe how close we came to a very different kind of day—it still makes me sick to my stomach.

As I started recovering and getting my heart back to a normal rate, I noticed that I had started having contractions. Thank you Hunter for inducing labor! 😉 I started texting my midwife and keeping her updated on what was happening, called John at work, and at 3pm the fun started. We were planning on a home birth, so they started getting everything set up—putting air in the birth pool, getting towels and medical instruments all arranged, and I continued to labor.

Everything progressed well, and as my labor intensified I eventually moved into the birth pool, which helped with the pain so much! Hunter was 9.5lbs of full on back labor, but this little girl was painful in her own special way 😉 I was so thankful for the breaks between contractions though—if you’ve had back labor before, you know breaks are non-existent! At 8:29pm, after 9 minutes of pushing, our little girl was born. She was absolutely perfect, and had a head full of hair and the sweetest little face.

Photos by Jessica V Photography & John Louis of Birdsong Louis Photography

We are so thankful to our wonderful family for letting us crash their house with our big birth party and taking such good care of us in the days following. My mom is such an incredible coach and encourager, and my husband has such a calming presence. Thank you to my dad for watching our little Hunt man, bringing pizza, and making sure we had everything we needed—it was so special to have him there! Also thank you to my awesome birth team, Heather & Christine! I can’t imagine not having you both there for Hunter & Georgia Kate’s birth. We are SO SO lucky! You make birth an incredible empowering experience. I’m so thankful for you on the day of the birth, but also the many hours you spent with me during prenatals talking me through my worries and fears, and preparing me for each step along the way.

Georgia Kate, you are so loved by so many people. We are so excited to have you in our family and watch you grow into a wonderful woman of faith! We pray that you love and follow after your Heavenly Father all the days of your life!


  1. Angela K Hopper-Lee says:

    Beautiful! You are blessed!

  2. Kimberly Metheny says:

    So so precious! Thanks for sharing this beautiful experience!
    God has blessed you with a beautiful family!
    Love you all!

  3. Rain says:

    Amazing! Such a beautiful story. Cudos to u for being so brave and strong having a home birth. She is an angel!

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