Happy Half Birthday Hunter! | #littlehunterlouis

Oh my goodness, where has the time gone?

Somewhere between the craziness of late summer/fall weddings, John getting a new job, buying a house, and trying to keep up with the never ending pile of laundry, my little boy turned 6 months old! So much has happened over the past couple months, and we are so blessed. John’s job change is a post for another day, but God was so faithful to our family in guiding John to a job that he’s been praying for over the past year. He left his job the beginning of October and started his new job at Shepeard Community Blood Center the next week. You’ve never seen a man go to work with such a big smile on his face excited about his work.

We also had John’s parents in town visiting for his birthday, and we had a great time! So sad that they don’t live closer, but so thankful for technology that allows us to FaceTime, send videos and photos etc.

Our little man is not so little these days. He’s a bundle of energy, always twisting and turning to see something, and very determined and focused. He is so alert, it’s incredible. At his 6 month doctors appointment last week he weighed in at 19.75 lbs, and was 28 inches tall…where did my baby go? He’s in the 80th percentile for his weight, and the 100th percentile for his height. I think John and I need to start saving for special order shoes for this boy when he gets older 😉 He’s made so many developmental changes over the past couple months– rolling, almost crawling, singing, constant spitting and making blowing sounds. He’s also started eating solids, so I’ve started making his baby foods. He loves blueberries, apples, sweet potatoes, spinach and plums. I’m so excited to see where these next couple of months take us– but cherishing the season we’re in right now! (ESPECIALLY considering he’s slept through the night the past two nights…makes it much easier to cherish this season when you have a good night’s sleep!)

Love you little hunter buddy 🙂



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