Hey there little man,

How has it already been 3 months since you came into our lives? Time is FLYING by, and you are growing up faster than we want. In just a few short months you’ve captured the hearts of so many people who love you dearly. Just this past week you took your first airplane trip to Montana and met so many new family members! You met your Aunt Emily, Uncle Justin, Aunt Rachel, Uncle Holden, Great-Grandma Louis, Great-Grandpa Louis, Great-Grandma Randall, Great- Grandpa Randall, Aunt Karen, Uncle Jay, Cousins Hannah, Rachel, Rebekah, CJ,Josiah, Kallie, Josh, Reginald, Leighton, and Stephen. Whew! You are one loved little guy!

You did such a great job on your flights! Momma and Daddy were so proud of you! Here are some of your new loves 🙂

You love floor time and playing on your play mat. You could do it for hours. Your little toes reach out to press the little piano keys at the end…you’re a regular Beethoven.

You also love sticking out your tongue, especially when someone else sticks theirs out at you. You think it’s such a funny game 🙂 You already know by the way we laugh, we think it’s funny too 🙂 

You’re strong enough to sit up in your little bumbo seat now too! You love discovering how strong you are.

You also love having conversations with momma and daddy. You squeal and babble and laugh. It makes us so happy. We sit and talk to you for hours.

We love you so much and are so excited about all these new developments in your life.

love, momma and daddy

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